The University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplains are present at UiO, OsloMet and BI.

When you need some to talk to, the University Chaplains are available for counselling and coaching.

We have time and are under the pledge of silence.

We know the different faith communities in Oslo and can help you find your congregation.

Worship at the Royal Palace Chapel

As a part of the Church of Norway, the University Chaplain invites students to worship at the Royal Palace Chapel. The service is in English once a month and will be held in English the following sundays:


2nd of September 2018, Slottskapellet at 11:00

7th of October, Slottskapellet at 11:00

4th of November, Slottskapellet at 11:00



UiO - Quiet rooms

Frederikke Chapel, Mosalle and Room for faith and thought

At Frederikke, there is a chapel, a mosalle and a Room for faith and thought. The rooms are open every day, and you are most welcome to light a candle, pray or just enjoy some peace and quiet. Every Tuesday at 12:15 there is a short service held in Norwegian in the chapel.

If you want to use the chapel for organized activities, please contact the chaplaincy at UiO.


The chapel at The Faculty of Theology

The Faculty has a chapel in the basement that is always open for use. There are scheduled services and hours of prayer every week. The services and hours are normally held in Norwegian. For more information, visit this page


OsloMet - Quiet rooms

The Quiet Room - Kjeller Campus

In the SiO hall, behind Akademika bookstore. In the «Quiet Room» you may relax, pray, sleep, nurse, meditate, or think. You may reserve the room for one hour at a time. You reserve the room by signing the list on the door.

Pilestredet Campus

Pilestredet 48, 1st floor. Go through the door to the right of Café Eva.

In «The Quiet Room» you may light a candle for reflection and hope. The room has a little library with books from different religious traditions. Please feel free to write down thoughts you wish to share in the copy book. At one end of the room there is a triptych made by the designer Gunnar Torvund. The triptych may be opened and closed. At the other end of the room there is a decoration by Grete Refsum. A Qibla label shows the direction towards Mecca.

Please contact the University Chaplain if you have any questions or feedback in connection with the use of the room. You may make regular use of the room by making an appointment with the University Chaplain.

Prayer Rooms

Pilestredet 35, 1st floor.

Follow the sign. There are rudimentary washing facilities in the room next door.

Pilestredet 48, 2nd floor.
Use the stairs or the elevator by the cafeteria.

The rooms are prepared for Muslims who want to pray during their day on campus and are open for all students. The prayer rooms are equipped with shoe racks and carpets on the floor. We ask all visitors to take their shoes off before they enter the room.


BI - Quiet room

Room of faith and reflection

BI has a place dedicated to prayer, meditation and reflection in the D-block 1st floor. Feel free to use it! There is a small library with Holy Scriptures and literature. If you want to start some kind of organized activity in the room, contact the University Chaplain to get in touch with the Council of Room of faith and reflection:



Contact information

University of Oslo:


Telephone: + 47 22 85 52 70




Telephone:+ 47  22 45 20 94

For more information, visit the homepage.


BI - Norwegian Business School


Telephone: +47 46 41 07 43

For more information, visit the homepage.




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